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#tbt – #throwbackthursday – A day where people usually post things past events, remembering everything all sentimental 😀 Well, although I had the best intentions to regularely blog again, I failed (cry a little bit). Procrastination, y u no quit? … Continue reading

10 more things about me

Do you want to know more about me, the writer behind those texts and photos?
For my birthday, I wrote 10 little texts about me.

1. If I could choose, I’d be a cat. Feeling wild and independent outside yet cuddle up in bed at night and be small and sweet. I’d purr all day long, but still  don’t mess with me. My loved ones I’d protect with a paw swipe, but I can cuddle up with them gently and show much affection and love too. A cat combines the savage and the soft together, and thats me.

2. My iPod is the home to dubstep, drum and bass and chillsound in general. I don’t like to listen to the radio, because this mainstream-electro-wannabe-trap-minimal-house-littlebitofdubstep4coolness-crap-mash-up just isn’t my sound.

3. I also don’t like to watch tv, there is just too much commercials and too little movie.

4. ~

5. Cat are my favorite animals in the world, they’re just too cuddly and lovely, those little cute paws and tiny ears and rosy noses! You know what I’m talking about *-*

6. I love to read everywhere and anywhere, often you’ll find me with the nose in a book on my way home or while eating, a bad habit actually. Although by now I prefer my e-reader when I’m on the go, because it’s just lighter to carry around then a book. But I still love books, to smell them, to hold them, to purchase them, store them in my bookcase, look at their covers and see how many pages are left until the end.

7. I’m a tights-girl, I just love all kinds of tights, and I don’t like to wear jeans as much as tights. They just look cuter, and I wear them no matter what weather it is. And if it’s too cold, wear some cute overknee-socks over them 🙂 My tights tell their own stories, they’re ripped very often although I’m very careful!

8. I’ve always had a weakness for cute things, like boxes, cushions, stuffed animals, clothes, accessoires, notebooks, iphone cases, shoes. I own woolen caps with animal ears, at this moment I fancy a foxy one with fox ears.

9. Lots of times I have phases, in which I occupy myself intensely and for days with a topic. Google everything about it, save as favorites, buy things, everything! But these phases don’t last for too long unfortunately…

10. I love to cuddle up! Especially when it’s cold, rainy and already dark outside. A cosy bed with thick sheets and fluffy pillows, the bedside lamp is on, music is playing, laptop and iPad right beside you, a hot tea on the bedside table, your love right beneath you ❤ That’s what I really really love, more than going outside, dancing, events, everything.

Dead-Blog Syndrome


– Last post lies back way more than five months.
– Nobody visits anymore 😦
– Bad conscience is always there. “Hey. You have a blog. Update it. You will lose readers. Do it. Now. Write while going to school. Write while in school. Just write! Now you’ve lost them. See? Hello… still here.”
– First thing in the post is always an apology. “Sorry I didn’t post. I hadn’t found the time to write something.”


– JUST WRITE whenever you have the urge to. On the phone and then email it. Very easy, on the go.
– Don’t apologize and just write. When people see there is something to read, they will come back (I hope)
– Make it your homepage, whenever you see wordpress, it will remind you to blog more often.
– Set a time to blog maybe. sunday evening, perfect chillout finish for a wild weekend. Just ten minutes make a difference to none.

“I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

This could be me. So, follow your own advise Doctor Kimi!


Mortality of vanity


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Gold. Silver. Pomp. Glory. Luxury. Beautiful flowers, animals. You and me. Everything vanishes one day, we, who are anxious to do hold everything, grab and treasure amounts of goods we won’t even need one . Death hides everywhere, the sling … Continue reading

Why I don’t blog regularely

Very shameful. I haven’t posted anything since… DECEMBER. That’s two months, two months of procrastination. (Hidden apology) 😛

But, I’ll tell you the reason why. When I blog, I usually have a free mind and lots of free time. I have time to just let it flow, maybe I’m even bored sometimes.
Then even a post every second day is possible.

But when I’m in school or I have lots to do in holidays, my writing flow just wears off. I always tell me to write something, I make notes about things I could write, but I just don’t do it. I feel bad for that, but my life is just so colorful and lively, filled with friends and my boyfriend at times like these, I just don’t find time to write something all by myself.

Possible resolution:
– Write posts when you have the flow, many posts and time them
– Write posts on the go, when you in the bus or in the train, because you have time then
– Write down possible ideas or sentences in a notebook, it will help you a lot while writing

Lots of love,