Believe in God?

would i say something really terrible if i said i didn’t belive in god? would it be that terrible that i would certainly be excecuted by some christian? hopefully not. just a few statements why i don’t really believe that god exists.
1. if god really would exist, and he/she/it would really be that great and loving, how COULD he/she/it let things like libyen happen? i don’t understand this.
2. if god really would exist, how does he show it to us? like that non-appearing in our sight, what signs us that he/she/it is really here?
3. if god created the world, why is that thing called EVOLUTION? were adam and eva first there, and gone and THEN were all the dinosaurs and things? me thinks not.


2 thoughts on “Believe in God?

  1. i never belived in god. but belive me, if someone dies you really loved, you’ll belive in god. it’s the only one who keeps you grounded. as my grandmam became sick and went to the hospital, i belived in god. every evening i prayed to him. she died, but i still belive in him because it’s someone you always have with you. sounds maybe stupid, but i think, that god (or someone like him) exists. He gave everyone a chance for living and for ameliorating life. he won’t stop bad things because we learn from our own failures.
    yes.. but it’s just my belief. 🙂 maybe there’s not god but buddah, we’ll never know.

    • why? why don’t belive in medicine, doctors and their medical wonders? how you know you have someone with you, how you know? maybe a sign, a little something? no it doesn’t sound stupid, every person is free to belive in what they want marion. but i don’t. i can’t, because, i NEVER see something that could make me belive in that. the bible? even the bible was written by humans.
      soo.. there is lot to think about wheter believe in god or not.

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