Daydreaming: Floating


Outside the world flew by in a crazy speed. Absent-minded she looked out of the large window, her only connection between movement and stagnation of the outside. The scenery floated by, the impression of neglected houses, construction zones, stations and pure nature dripped of her far off thoughts like rain drops of a leaf on a rainy summerday. Rays of sunshine tickled her nose and dazzled in her eyes. Slowly closing them, she skid away from the window, Still she didn’t find back to the presence, her mind digressed to fly, sky high thoughts she couldn’t control. Sometimes she wished, she could just spread her arms and fly away, like wings which guided her into the peaceful surroundings of heaven. Stepping on clouds, following small little birds, falling light like a dandelion seed into the embrace of the sky. That’s what she dreamed of, every single moment of feeling unobserved. Drift off to her own space, where wonderland seemed to be real. escaping from the gloomy, grey present. it wasn’t silly, just another reality.


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