Why dubstep equals eargasms


Remark: Dubstep and Drum and Bass

When you hear it, first thing is mostly very calm, a neat, light symphony of chimes, combined to the music of the spheres. Very chill, inspiring. Then, just as you let yourself falling into the pretended embracement of tones, the drop punches right in your mind. A heavy artillery of basses will make your heartbeat accelerate, like you ran a thousand miles. The bass pulses through your veins, a new heart, a new rhythm is given. ENERGY. You close your eyes, let it take over your body. The roar of the sound, like a black tiger has caught you in a trap of bass. It’s a catalyzer for a mind-blowing eargasm.

Suddenly, you hear the music fades off. Your trip is gone, another track starts.


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