End of the year

It seems like I almost apologize to you in every new post I write. I know it is really annoying and I’m sorry for that. It seems like I can’t get my blogger “life” integrated into my normal life… I mean when I began with this, I thought that not more than 10+ person maximally will read it, now I had over 300 views at a highlight of my statistic. I thought that it would be easy, to sit there every day at nighttime, but I didn’t find time for it. I try to keep it up though.

Now, what was happening the last few days? Winter came for three or four stormy, snowy and cold day’n nights, then went missing for rain and sun today. Christmas was a cute time like every year, the gifts I got, I liked very much. I baked cookies with my friends for christmas time, and some lovely photos were shot while having fun in the kitchen. My camera became my new, with countless possibilities to impress, easily satisfying and charming friend during these days.

There are much more photos to show you my great relationship with my camera 😉

(Btw, the guy below is Doctor Desmond ^^ )

Now, whats left after an active, powerful, imprinting and exciting year with lots of up’s and down’s – certainly more up’s – anticipation for the new year 2012. Will it be just as great, or worse..? What if it’s much better and tops the bill? Blog posts will tell you how it is.

Silvester, I’m gonna be partying with my friends, maybe some photos will show up for this event, but for now I wish you a very happy ending of the year, and happy new year. Hopefully it will have loads of awesome things for you.

Love, Kimi


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