As I heard about we had to shoot self-portraits in the art class, I was like “Yes, that should be an easy project! :D” but then I realized, it is not as easy as it sounds.

One of the first question I thought about was: Who am I? Am I the girl who’s talking with her friends and laughing, loves to socialize? Or am I the kind of girl who also likes to be at home and spending a little time for her own, enjoying the silence? Who is the one people get to know? It is difficult to answer all those questions, but finally I know the answer. I’m both, an individual who connects both sides. The silent, calm but also the lively, playful girl – that’s both me. The difficulty of a self-portrait is to get to know your own limit, how far you are willing to go. What do you want to expose, reveal to the audience? Which side are you on in your picture?

After I got a few results, I was surprised how glad I was about this assignment. I now had some good self-portraits of myself, not those “selfies” (you know which ones I’m talking about). I was actually proud and happy I had some new photos. For one time, I didn’t make excuses for taking pictures of myself, for being selfish and self-centered. No, in this session, it was all about me and it felt good.
Maybe I’ll carry on this task, to portrait myself.


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