The mastermind of catness

Kimilogic – Kimi’s Logic

First off: I’m a cat person.

– Some short stories I think people would like to read
– Opinions/Observations of daily life
– Mewsic recommendations , fresh sounds :3
– Random chunks of this and that
– and photo sets :3

Name: Kim, Kimi, Agent Cat
Birthday: 2nd November
Blogging from: Switzerland
Love-Life: J’
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Things I like to do: Drawing when inspired, reading books you need to read before you die, playing the piano (never or 4h straight, there’s no inbetween), photography (amateur), pretending to be an expert of arts and culture, eating yummy stuff, binge-watching series, to tidy up my room while binge-watching series, sleeping, creating to-do lists
Things I don’t really like: Dogs (except puppies, everyone loves puppies), little loud kids, apples
Favourite food:
Pizza, egg-anything, pickles, green olives, watermelons
Favourite Music: Drum and Bass, Chillanything
Favorite colors: black and mint and pink
Favorite subjects: English, art
Favorite Movies: Matrix, Alice in Wonderland (1951)
Devices: Asus Zenbook, iPhone 5s, iPod, iPad
Camera:  Canon EOS 500D ♥, Sony DSC-TX30

Recent picture coming soon :3


3 thoughts on “The mastermind of catness

  1. hey hey kimi du hesch bi süchtig facebook vergässe 😉
    bis jetz chani zu dim blogdings nur säge: gefällt miir ❤


  2. wow kimi, i muen sege din blog isch bewundernswert. i bin gad am usefinde wieni mis design au no chli professioneller chönt gestalte, i checks nöd so ganz. aber finden ganz toll 😀 hihi ❤

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