Dead-Blog Syndrome


– Last post lies back way more than five months.
– Nobody visits anymore 😦
– Bad conscience is always there. “Hey. You have a blog. Update it. You will lose readers. Do it. Now. Write while going to school. Write while in school. Just write! Now you’ve lost them. See? Hello… still here.”
– First thing in the post is always an apology. “Sorry I didn’t post. I hadn’t found the time to write something.”


– JUST WRITE whenever you have the urge to. On the phone and then email it. Very easy, on the go.
– Don’t apologize and just write. When people see there is something to read, they will come back (I hope)
– Make it your homepage, whenever you see wordpress, it will remind you to blog more often.
– Set a time to blog maybe. sunday evening, perfect chillout finish for a wild weekend. Just ten minutes make a difference to none.

“I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

This could be me. So, follow your own advise Doctor Kimi!



Why I don’t blog regularely

Very shameful. I haven’t posted anything since… DECEMBER. That’s two months, two months of procrastination. (Hidden apology) 😛

But, I’ll tell you the reason why. When I blog, I usually have a free mind and lots of free time. I have time to just let it flow, maybe I’m even bored sometimes.
Then even a post every second day is possible.

But when I’m in school or I have lots to do in holidays, my writing flow just wears off. I always tell me to write something, I make notes about things I could write, but I just don’t do it. I feel bad for that, but my life is just so colorful and lively, filled with friends and my boyfriend at times like these, I just don’t find time to write something all by myself.

Possible resolution:
– Write posts when you have the flow, many posts and time them
– Write posts on the go, when you in the bus or in the train, because you have time then
– Write down possible ideas or sentences in a notebook, it will help you a lot while writing

Lots of love,


Wow. I was so surprised how many page views my post Beautiful Autumn caused. Because my little blog isn’t anything big or very popular, it’s nice to see that it had 30+ views from you all. Thank you.

Heart in the sky

Shoot with my iPhone 4.

Because of that, I thought I ought to give my blog a more artistic touch, share more of my photographies and piano videos. If you have read the About this blog section, you probably found out that I love to play the piano and express myself with the art of photography.

I’d love to see that people enjoy my creativity and think about them.

Best regards,


Bitchy me

Today I realized: Sometimes I am totally a bitch. Yes, I mock, I swear, I disrespect people and things, I get upset, I am annoying, I am mean, I feel like the best, I know everything better, I’m snappish, I’m arrogant, I’m snooty, I’m bitchy, I’m me.

And I’m sorry for all the times I were angry because of something trivial and then just bitching around and getting that annoying, snappish voice. I know at that moment I’m supposed to have more respect, to cheer up and smile and not annoy my friends, but simply I can’t. I just want to shut myself down, cutting everybodys laughter and questions down, be left alone and otherwise shut ’em up. (Just look at my post Rage, then you’ll get my feelings).  I hope you all who have ever been snapt at from me and did nothing, will accept this apology. I especially thank my Honeybear and Dr. Desmond for bearing with my moodchanges and don’t hate me.

I can’t promise to get to be a better person with a better personality, people would say “a more balanced person”, but I’ll try to control myself with my bitchy moods, because this isn’t funny for any of us and I’m afraid to lose anyone. Just that you know, no matter what I say in one of those moments, later I deeply regret it and sometimes my excuses don’t go like I wan’t them to.

Life’s a beach, i’m just playing in the sand

Life’s a beach, i’m just playing in the sand.

First I’d like to apologize to you for being lazy and not posting anything at all. I really should initiate a regular posting interval, like every two weeks on monday a post? How about that?

Now, the quote above:
Somehow I like this quote. I like how it makes fun of all people who complain all day like life’s a bitch, or that it fucks everyone. It’s not like I think life really is a biatch, in fact, it’s full of lovely things and good coincidences. I love how “…playing in the sand” describes all kinds of fun in life. Play. Enjoy. Laugh. Dream. Childhood. Virginity, indeed naivity. Playing in the sand like nothing could ever harm you, just you and your sand molds, warming sunlight that shone at your back. That was life back then ❤

Believe in God?

would i say something really terrible if i said i didn’t belive in god? would it be that terrible that i would certainly be excecuted by some christian? hopefully not. just a few statements why i don’t really believe that god exists.
1. if god really would exist, and he/she/it would really be that great and loving, how COULD he/she/it let things like libyen happen? i don’t understand this.
2. if god really would exist, how does he show it to us? like that non-appearing in our sight, what signs us that he/she/it is really here?
3. if god created the world, why is that thing called EVOLUTION? were adam and eva first there, and gone and THEN were all the dinosaurs and things? me thinks not.