Winter Wonderland

Winter is one of my favorite times. The cold air, beautiful and slowly falling snow. Perfect lightning, perfect white. When everythings colored, they’re just a bunch of houses, randomly thrown together. But when it snows, and a thick layer of cosy looking snow covers the roofs like a fluffy duvet, everything becomes silent and perfect. It’s like time is standing still, as your breath forms breathing clouds in the air and snowflakes is silently falling from the sky.



A quick summary of my lovely November:

1. My Birthday. Thanks a lot everyone for the good time I had! :*

2. Working for school on a watercolour painting à la Ed Ruscha. MY NAME IS KIMI.

They Called Her Kimi

Masterpiece! (:

My workspace

Workspace at school.

Being in love is like riding unicorns, pooping rainbows, cuddling cats, bathing in glitter and all of the best together ❤

4. Listening to music.



Times flying by

A little girl, with her friends. in the daycare. Listening to scary songs from vampires and such, pillow fightes, pool parties in the garden, bury each other under a bunch of fluffy pillows and sheets and stuffed toys. Drawing together and tickling each other. Each day playing games was fun, each day started new.

Years passed, everyone grew up. Old friends, baby faces grown to gentlemen. She’s still the a little girl, but more sophisticated, trying to fit in. But one sight, everyone knows instantly – that’s her. Gone, but not forgotten, that’s the task. Feelings overwhelm her, everytime she meets someone she used to know. Also a flood of memories, and a warm feeling overcomes her. Love and happiness for this time, long long ago.

Lace Helps New Yorkers Beat the Heat

Hello everyone!

Well I think I forgot to write about it, but back when I was in NY for a few days (you sure remember my post Take care NY ), a nice woman calles Nikhita Venugopal from adressed me on the streets at Union Square, and asked if she could take a few photos of me wearing a floral lace tank top. I was surprised and a little bit excited too!

That’s the slideshow, Lace Helps New Yorkes Beat the Heat from DNAinfo. Mine is the 8 of 18. The other pictures I like as well.


10 Reasons why I love America

Since I’ve been here for my first time, I wanted to shoot everything nice and cool I saw on the streets and I noticed how much I things here impressed me, and how many times I shouted out “Oh I love it!” loudly. Now, ten things that I remember I said I loved 😀

10 Reasons why I love America: (non-specific order)

1. The Food. I mean, not that Switzerland had no food or something at all, but they have Twinkies, Nerds, so many colourful sorts of cereals, so much fastfood *.* , frozen yogurt, so many chips and Oreos all over the place.

2. The cars. I haven’t seen so many Cadillacs, Lincoln and Cryslers and limousines in my life. Everytime a limousine passes me, my inner cinema imagines a Blair and Chuck sitting in there, sipping champagne and wearing extravagant clothes…

3. The streets. I love how easy the streets are arranged here. The grid plans, I think they’re called that way, make it much easier for a foreigner or tourist or someone like me who just sucks at reading maps, to find certain places. And it’s perfectly arranged for a walk so you don’t get lost.

4. The people. Every greeting, every “Hey how are you doing?” and every “Take care!” makes me feel better and actually enjoying the day more. When just random cashiers and staff wishing you to have a nice day, you will smile slightly and wish them the same. I really enjoyed that, and because of that i got the feeling that I was welcomed.

5. The malls and departement stores.

“This is big.” – Macys.

Really, I love being in them. Sparkling vitrines, rustling new bags, the smell of leather shoes, fashionable hats everywhere, handbags, tick-tocking of high heels on a wooden floor, the silent ringing of the entrance bell. But sometimes I feel a littlebit lost in between all those clothes, I don’t know where to look at or where to even begin looking. (:

6. The fashion. As I mentioned the malls, I should’ve mentioned fashion. Really, clothes here are just utterly fabulous. I mean if you look in the right places for clothes. I never knew  I could be buying so many clothes in one day. And the shoes. THE SHOES! ❤  And all these fancy dressed people on the streets, sometimes I have to force myself not to stop and ask them for a picture.

7. The magazines. They really are better then the ones you can get in Switzerland. I mean, for teens – Bravo, Yeah!, Heyy! and magazines like that, just don’t have the flair, if you know what I mean. Reading Seventeen or Teen Vogue just makes more fun and you get more for your money than just gossip about lates celebrity scandals. And the fact that in Switzerland you would have to pay about ten swiss francs for something like these, and here because they are teen-mags just about 2.99$ makes me really think about it.

8.  The language. I love the English language. Alright, I have to admit, I adore the British English. Everything said with that accent just sounds more reasonable and classy. But English anyways better then German… German just sounds so harsh and awkward compared to English or even French. And French I just don’t like because all of the grammar stuff. I mean, srsly France? Exceptions over exceptions over special cases. But the language itself is so romantic and beautiful.

9. The New York Style Original Bagel Crisps ❤ Nothing more to add.

10. Wifi. Wifi everywhere. In restaurants, at the airport, cafés, subway – just cool. Makes me want to stay there longer as needed, everytime.

Wifi. Wifi everywhere.

There’s wifi everywhere here. Free wifi. *:*

Reading = dreaming

I got inspired by this post, therefore let me pick up an important topic: reading ♥

“We read to know we are not alone.”

– C. S. Lewis

Reading is like dreaming with open eyes. A world without books is like a house without windows. Reading is like watching a movie in your head, with the perfect cast, people who play our favorite characters just like we love them to be and look just like we imagine them to look. Colors that are exactly like we expect them to be, a grass-green or light lime green that fulfills our desire for perfection. Every word an author writes has it’s own purpose, and every reader and savourer understands the purpose his/her own way. That’s what we call the power of the mind, the richest of all gifts: imagination.

Keep on reading, because it will not only enlighten your heart, it will open your mind to new ways of writing and usage of words, it will shut off reality easily with one page and only words.

When you sell someone a book, you don’t just sell them paper with ink on it, you sell them a dream. ♥

And if you’re worried carrying around that many books, I can entrust you to buy an eReader. I have the Kobo touch lilac, and I love it. Since I carry it in my bag, I take it out  very often when I’m on the move and enjoy my own world (:

Take care New York

So, this was pretty much the last day in the city that never sleeps… I regret we are not staying longer… all the glam and glitter! ❤

Words I would use to describe New York are:
noisy, loud, lively, beautiful, hot, polluted, cars, vivid, humans, personality, individuality, consumption, subway, eating, fast & food, shopping, urban, music, movement, green, dreams, hope, civilization, rapidness, sharing, poverty and wealth, both real and surreal.

Aaaand I bought another pair of shoes. I love shoes… ! ♥

Photogallery II, New York [40.731441,-74.007751]:

Take me (I’m yours) ♥

Calvin Harris – Bounce ft. Kelis

“When a woman stops crying over you, that means someone else makes her smile.”

Hello dear followers,

It was a long time I last posted anything, and no, I’m not apologizing for it again :p
It’s just that a lot (really, a LOT) has happened. After having that hard time after the break-up, I now met someone I really like…  Although I’ve known him for a long time, we never thought of something else as being friends. But then, I thought about him waaay to much. He can make me smile like an idiot (:, and he makes me hot & cold when I talk to him and suddenly my heart beats faster than a hardstyle track. It’s nice to see things through rose-colored glasses^^ ♥

Summer break! Finally…
Currently I’m chilling in NYC – that’s right. Maybe I’ll cross Gossip Girl in the streets, who knows. 😉
I love NY. Really, I love this city. It’s so alive, you know? People, shops, streets, cars, language – everything has its own flair, and it really makes me want to stay here. But in a few days we will leave for North Carolina, lets see what we’ve got there (:

Photogallery I :

Btw. Those heels *_* I simply adore them<3
I went into the store, and boom! I didn’t want to leave without them, I simply couldn’t. #mynewlove from Aldo.

Love Story

Finally, the school bell rings. School’s out, let’s go home and enjoy this friday evening! He pushes the door, keeps it open for me and I open my umbrella. He huddles under it, takes it and I lean against him. My arm around his one. Laughing as we cross the street with our classmates, staying under the busstops roof. We talk together, stay in a circle as always. Suddenly he takes my hands, turns around. We’re just staying there, then holding my face, he softly runs his fingers across my cheeks. He closes his eyes and comes closer and closer. His lips are soft, I feel so free, like walking on air. Some seconds later, we’re just starring at each other, his eyes are shining.
He hugs me, “I love you”.
A smile flits over my face. I’m looking right into his eyes, his face in my hands. It’s so soft. He smells of smoke, cigarettssmoke. But it’s not the same smell as it is of other smokers, it’s not that bitter.
“I love you too”.

Written by my lovely Mariposa, it’s a guestpost for my blog. (:
I will be posting one to her blog too, feel free to check it, but it’s german.