Dead-Blog Syndrome


– Last post lies back way more than five months.
– Nobody visits anymore 😦
– Bad conscience is always there. “Hey. You have a blog. Update it. You will lose readers. Do it. Now. Write while going to school. Write while in school. Just write! Now you’ve lost them. See? Hello… still here.”
– First thing in the post is always an apology. “Sorry I didn’t post. I hadn’t found the time to write something.”


– JUST WRITE whenever you have the urge to. On the phone and then email it. Very easy, on the go.
– Don’t apologize and just write. When people see there is something to read, they will come back (I hope)
– Make it your homepage, whenever you see wordpress, it will remind you to blog more often.
– Set a time to blog maybe. sunday evening, perfect chillout finish for a wild weekend. Just ten minutes make a difference to none.

“I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

This could be me. So, follow your own advise Doctor Kimi!



Why I don’t blog regularely

Very shameful. I haven’t posted anything since… DECEMBER. That’s two months, two months of procrastination. (Hidden apology) 😛

But, I’ll tell you the reason why. When I blog, I usually have a free mind and lots of free time. I have time to just let it flow, maybe I’m even bored sometimes.
Then even a post every second day is possible.

But when I’m in school or I have lots to do in holidays, my writing flow just wears off. I always tell me to write something, I make notes about things I could write, but I just don’t do it. I feel bad for that, but my life is just so colorful and lively, filled with friends and my boyfriend at times like these, I just don’t find time to write something all by myself.

Possible resolution:
– Write posts when you have the flow, many posts and time them
– Write posts on the go, when you in the bus or in the train, because you have time then
– Write down possible ideas or sentences in a notebook, it will help you a lot while writing

Lots of love,

Reading = dreaming

I got inspired by this post, therefore let me pick up an important topic: reading ♥

“We read to know we are not alone.”

– C. S. Lewis

Reading is like dreaming with open eyes. A world without books is like a house without windows. Reading is like watching a movie in your head, with the perfect cast, people who play our favorite characters just like we love them to be and look just like we imagine them to look. Colors that are exactly like we expect them to be, a grass-green or light lime green that fulfills our desire for perfection. Every word an author writes has it’s own purpose, and every reader and savourer understands the purpose his/her own way. That’s what we call the power of the mind, the richest of all gifts: imagination.

Keep on reading, because it will not only enlighten your heart, it will open your mind to new ways of writing and usage of words, it will shut off reality easily with one page and only words.

When you sell someone a book, you don’t just sell them paper with ink on it, you sell them a dream. ♥

And if you’re worried carrying around that many books, I can entrust you to buy an eReader. I have the Kobo touch lilac, and I love it. Since I carry it in my bag, I take it out  very often when I’m on the move and enjoy my own world (:

Revival of Sound

Music’s the odyssey
It’s here for you, for me
Just listen, find the magic key
Music’s the odyssey
It’s here for you, for me
Just listen like your life be free
One-T ft. Cool-T – The Magic Key

Now it’s time to dance
The discotheque is far, but I can hear the rhythm
So now I stop my car
I’m going to the bar
And finally start
Dancing all around
Please, take my hands
And bring me to the moon
we’re flying together
You make me feel so fine
and now I’m gonna tell you
you are the only one
I want you tonight
It’s the power of pleasure
the power of dance
to the disco
on the dancefloor
so welcome to my life
if you wanna move
this is time to make a party
It’s the power of pleasure
the feeling i need
To the disco
on the dancefloor
So welcome to my life
if you wanna move
this is time to make a party.
DJ Carpi – The Power of Pleasure

As everybodys knows, when you’re down – listen to music. When you’re high and smiling from happiness, listen to music and it increases. Music is the one that is connecting you memories around it, hear a song and remember a special scene again. you first christmas, your birthday, special friends event, snuggling with your boy-/girlfriend, having fun, bitter and sad times – you’ll remember. you heart, mind, ears connects different tones and songs to different happenings. so keep listening, keep memorizing your life (: