Disney movies <3

Animated cartoon classics. Disney back in 80’s were so lovely. Full of real emotions. For example Bambi, I cried my eyes off. My whole world collapsed like a house of cards, when his mother died, and since then I’ve never seen that movie ever again.
Last week, I suddenly remembered a TV series named “Watership Down”. Of course it was the Disney version, but as a child I really loved it. Happily watching some videos about that on youtube, I decided to search for other old Disney classics as torrents. The hound and the fox, cinderella, sleeping beauty – I loved them all! And as I looked for them and continued downloading, my mind kept remembering all those movies of my childhood.
Whenever I use to speak about Disney movies, my boyfriend told me my eyes began to sparkle. And true it is; the feeling of something familiar loved just can’t be replaced… ❤