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#tbt – #throwbackthursday – A day where people usually post things past events, remembering everything all sentimental 😀 Well, although I had the best intentions to regularely blog again, I failed (cry a little bit). Procrastination, y u no quit? … Continue reading

Take care New York

So, this was pretty much the last day in the city that never sleeps… I regret we are not staying longer… all the glam and glitter! ❤

Words I would use to describe New York are:
noisy, loud, lively, beautiful, hot, polluted, cars, vivid, humans, personality, individuality, consumption, subway, eating, fast & food, shopping, urban, music, movement, green, dreams, hope, civilization, rapidness, sharing, poverty and wealth, both real and surreal.

Aaaand I bought another pair of shoes. I love shoes… ! ♥

Photogallery II, New York [40.731441,-74.007751]:

Caprice ✿

Up up down, upside down
Over and over I’m upside down
Help me turn my life around ♫

Capricious. Caprice. Spring! When we hear this word, what comes in our mind that it’s just the time of awakening from winter sleep. Sunlight, dazzling in our eyes. Life’s capricous, delightful. Flowers blooming everywhere, green grass on the ground.

I like the word “caprice”. It promises fun, summer, light fragrances of flowers, fresh air and le joie de vivre. 

Vienna – City of Life

First impression: big city, bright lights, subway networking: ✓✓✓
Time and outside lightning: ~10pm., dark

Skrillex: @Gasometer, Vienna
people. crowd. overfilled. sweat. hot. bodies. bashing. clashing. together. t-shirts. wet. bass. drops. music. rhythm. energy. dancing. filling lungs with hot stuffy air. hopping. jumping to the beats. tops, almost ripped off. shoes, sticking on the floor with spilled drinks. tequila. hard breathing. sweating bodies. amazed people. extreme bass. lights. show. skrillex. ♥

It was a very nice trip with my friend Doctor Desmond. I met lots of nice people and amazing locations. The food was just a dream *_*

A funny incident was, as we stood in line for the jackets at the cloakroom, I heard someone behind me said: “I don’t like human beings.” And as I recognized the quoting line (it’s from a horror-movie called The Human Centipede), I said briefly: “The Human Centipede.” The guy behind me was like “:O She knows The Human Centipede!” That was funny. (:

Here’s a little gallery from our funny trip: