Times flying by

A little girl, with her friends. in the daycare. Listening to scary songs from vampires and such, pillow fightes, pool parties in the garden, bury each other under a bunch of fluffy pillows and sheets and stuffed toys. Drawing together and tickling each other. Each day playing games was fun, each day started new.

Years passed, everyone grew up. Old friends, baby faces grown to gentlemen. She’s still the a little girl, but more sophisticated, trying to fit in. But one sight, everyone knows instantly – that’s her. Gone, but not forgotten, that’s the task. Feelings overwhelm her, everytime she meets someone she used to know. Also a flood of memories, and a warm feeling overcomes her. Love and happiness for this time, long long ago.



Wow. I was so surprised how many page views my post Beautiful Autumn caused. Because my little blog isn’t anything big or very popular, it’s nice to see that it had 30+ views from you all. Thank you.

Heart in the sky

Shoot with my iPhone 4.

Because of that, I thought I ought to give my blog a more artistic touch, share more of my photographies and piano videos. If you have read the About this blog section, you probably found out that I love to play the piano and express myself with the art of photography.

I’d love to see that people enjoy my creativity and think about them.

Best regards,