Love Story

Finally, the school bell rings. School’s out, let’s go home and enjoy this friday evening! He pushes the door, keeps it open for me and I open my umbrella. He huddles under it, takes it and I lean against him. My arm around his one. Laughing as we cross the street with our classmates, staying under the busstops roof. We talk together, stay in a circle as always. Suddenly he takes my hands, turns around. We’re just staying there, then holding my face, he softly runs his fingers across my cheeks. He closes his eyes and comes closer and closer. His lips are soft, I feel so free, like walking on air. Some seconds later, we’re just starring at each other, his eyes are shining.
He hugs me, “I love you”.
A smile flits over my face. I’m looking right into his eyes, his face in my hands. It’s so soft. He smells of smoke, cigarettssmoke. But it’s not the same smell as it is of other smokers, it’s not that bitter.
“I love you too”.

Written by my lovely Mariposa, it’s a guestpost for my blog. (:
I will be posting one to her blog too, feel free to check it, but it’s german.