Winter Wonderland

Winter is one of my favorite times. The cold air, beautiful and slowly falling snow. Perfect lightning, perfect white. When everythings colored, they’re just a bunch of houses, randomly thrown together. But when it snows, and a thick layer of cosy looking snow covers the roofs like a fluffy duvet, everything becomes silent and perfect. It’s like time is standing still, as your breath forms breathing clouds in the air and snowflakes is silently falling from the sky.


A quick summary of my lovely November:

1. My Birthday. Thanks a lot everyone for the good time I had! :*

2. Working for school on a watercolour painting à la Ed Ruscha. MY NAME IS KIMI.

They Called Her Kimi

Masterpiece! (:

My workspace

Workspace at school.

Being in love is like riding unicorns, pooping rainbows, cuddling cats, bathing in glitter and all of the best together ❤

4. Listening to music.



Times flying by

A little girl, with her friends. in the daycare. Listening to scary songs from vampires and such, pillow fightes, pool parties in the garden, bury each other under a bunch of fluffy pillows and sheets and stuffed toys. Drawing together and tickling each other. Each day playing games was fun, each day started new.

Years passed, everyone grew up. Old friends, baby faces grown to gentlemen. She’s still the a little girl, but more sophisticated, trying to fit in. But one sight, everyone knows instantly – that’s her. Gone, but not forgotten, that’s the task. Feelings overwhelm her, everytime she meets someone she used to know. Also a flood of memories, and a warm feeling overcomes her. Love and happiness for this time, long long ago.

Take me (I’m yours) ♥

Calvin Harris – Bounce ft. Kelis

“When a woman stops crying over you, that means someone else makes her smile.”

Hello dear followers,

It was a long time I last posted anything, and no, I’m not apologizing for it again :p
It’s just that a lot (really, a LOT) has happened. After having that hard time after the break-up, I now met someone I really like…  Although I’ve known him for a long time, we never thought of something else as being friends. But then, I thought about him waaay to much. He can make me smile like an idiot (:, and he makes me hot & cold when I talk to him and suddenly my heart beats faster than a hardstyle track. It’s nice to see things through rose-colored glasses^^ ♥

Summer break! Finally…
Currently I’m chilling in NYC – that’s right. Maybe I’ll cross Gossip Girl in the streets, who knows. 😉
I love NY. Really, I love this city. It’s so alive, you know? People, shops, streets, cars, language – everything has its own flair, and it really makes me want to stay here. But in a few days we will leave for North Carolina, lets see what we’ve got there (:

Photogallery I :

Btw. Those heels *_* I simply adore them<3
I went into the store, and boom! I didn’t want to leave without them, I simply couldn’t. #mynewlove from Aldo.

Hello, May.

Spring has come to an end, a warm, chilling and wonderful summer is coming up. A few windy cold days, still chasing after us, trying to hold us back before we fly off like birds, with so much lightness and facility we can’t be compared to petals of flowers blown away by a warm summer breeze.


Christmas Lights

Before I begin the actual blog: Thank you sooo much for all the views! 350+ I’m so stunned!

Reindeer - Expecto Patronum? (:

There is it again: The time of drinking tea and hot chocolate, be at home while the coldness outside knocks at the windows, buying presents, warmth, being with your family and friends, watching how the big shopping centers begin to hang out their christmas lights and selling cookies and mandarines. Yes, you’re right: It’s christmas time!

Some think it’s the most wonderful time of the year, some think it’s just a stress time, covered in pretty lights and delightful occasions. Everything has two sides, where light is, there also is shadow. One side is: buying presents = happiness to people. Or: christmas = presents, presents = commercial, therefore christmas = commercial? Buying presents also contains the fact of running around, be stressed, the need to get money (if you aren’t that kind of person who buys christmas present two months before and doesn’t earn 10k a year).
Now, the opinions may be divided, but everyone knows that christmas brings people together.

My Canon EOS 500D ♡

I’m so happy! Yesterday, my father gave my 16th birthday present to me, a Canon EOS 500D! I have always longed for a DSLR! It’s like always having a black’n white television, then suddenly getting a Samsung LED TV ;P No, joking. I always shot photos with digitalcams, and later with my iPhone 4. Those weren’t bad, really I loved the photos turned out. But a DSLR has a better quality, so it’s a big big win for every passionate photographer. My passion for photography has always been there, I always looked for little and small, plain and then just emphasize it with macro-focus to something more vibrant and vivid.


Revival of Sound

Music’s the odyssey
It’s here for you, for me
Just listen, find the magic key
Music’s the odyssey
It’s here for you, for me
Just listen like your life be free
One-T ft. Cool-T – The Magic Key

Now it’s time to dance
The discotheque is far, but I can hear the rhythm
So now I stop my car
I’m going to the bar
And finally start
Dancing all around
Please, take my hands
And bring me to the moon
we’re flying together
You make me feel so fine
and now I’m gonna tell you
you are the only one
I want you tonight
It’s the power of pleasure
the power of dance
to the disco
on the dancefloor
so welcome to my life
if you wanna move
this is time to make a party
It’s the power of pleasure
the feeling i need
To the disco
on the dancefloor
So welcome to my life
if you wanna move
this is time to make a party.
DJ Carpi – The Power of Pleasure

As everybodys knows, when you’re down – listen to music. When you’re high and smiling from happiness, listen to music and it increases. Music is the one that is connecting you memories around it, hear a song and remember a special scene again. you first christmas, your birthday, special friends event, snuggling with your boy-/girlfriend, having fun, bitter and sad times – you’ll remember. you heart, mind, ears connects different tones and songs to different happenings. so keep listening, keep memorizing your life (:

Grateful to any new day

what is it that makes us happy? people tend to say money, tangable assets and jobwise highlights. but neither its money, nor tangable assets nor jobwise highlights, its to get what we want and want what we get. what life gets us, thats important. don’t look back your day, thinking why didn’t this happen? but look back and think: thanks, life, this happened. be grateful, every single day even its not the way you want it to be. its the things that happened in past, that make us what we are now.

Opium Project – Hello Moskva (Dj Revyakin Next Touch Flo Remix)

~ i’m happy. so in love… maybe you recognized while reading the text. 😉
long no posting, i know, but i’m tryin’ to find the time to post something more regulary. sleep well world. ♥