-Error: iPhone Overflow- INVASION OF IPHONES!

okay. this is the last post for today, i GOT to tell you guys.

as you probably know if you read my last post, today i went to frauenfeld by train. and on the way back, in the train from zurich to baden, i noticed that:

~I’m in the train. facing me there’s a well dressed woman, she seems to be a business woman and she wears a females suit. next to her a is a weird guy sitting, he has grey, shaggy hair and beard stubbles. then in the seat in the next four-seat compartement, is an light gothic-breathed-on young guy with long black hair sitting. well at first sight, those three people have nothing to do with each other, and nothing connects them. BUT now, one thing is connecting them. what it is? an iphone! yes, the iphone connects people in a way the won’t even notice, because each one is busy with his phone, and doesn’t notice what happens around him.

then, in the train to wurenlingen, again two people are sitting in front of me and one on the otherside. and now guess what they have in common? oh yes, it’s an iphone. i rolled my eyes. again? … yep. and while the train kept going, all three people are hanging on their iphone. me included. and all three people got their earphones plugged in. me included. now i ask: what’s that? is that a new way to communicate?

we almost look like my class (we’re a laptop-class) g1i 😉

my opinion: there are definitely too many iphones around town. i mean when they first came out, wow. that was something new, and none had it. and now? nearly every person i see has one. it’s like they suddenly sprout out of the nothing! and it’s nothing special anymore if everybody has one. gaaaaah. >.< i feel un’unique’. x)

now it’s really time for me to sleep. i’m so tired -yawn- and tomorrow is a french exam. -.- freeench sucks!! and tomorrow is mrs. t, the fat pear. gosh, i hate some tuesday lessons.

good nite everyone. (: