Christmas Lights

Before I begin the actual blog: Thank you sooo much for all the views! 350+ I’m so stunned!

Reindeer - Expecto Patronum? (:

There is it again: The time of drinking tea and hot chocolate, be at home while the coldness outside knocks at the windows, buying presents, warmth, being with your family and friends, watching how the big shopping centers begin to hang out their christmas lights and selling cookies and mandarines. Yes, you’re right: It’s christmas time!

Some think it’s the most wonderful time of the year, some think it’s just a stress time, covered in pretty lights and delightful occasions. Everything has two sides, where light is, there also is shadow. One side is: buying presents = happiness to people. Or: christmas = presents, presents = commercial, therefore christmas = commercial? Buying presents also contains the fact of running around, be stressed, the need to get money (if you aren’t that kind of person who buys christmas present two months before and doesn’t earn 10k a year).
Now, the opinions may be divided, but everyone knows that christmas brings people together.