As a response to renxren’s Anime watch!!. (I didn’t figure out how to leave a comment, soo… I will answer like this)

Animes! As long I could think, they fascinated me. Those pretty girls, with big, shiny eyes, beautiful hair, cute faces, long legs, big breasts, thin waist and cute clothes. Smart, handsome guys, with hair just to play with and stroke it, nice behaving. The love stories they had, emotions that made you cry when you saw the scene, stunning magical scenes with sparkle and power. Music, their everyday school life, science-fiction like robot girls or diclonius (Lucy, Elfen Lied), it was a second world to me.
Not because I actually had nothing else to do, I had friends, I had appointements, dates, school – my own life. But in the evenings, or on weekends, it was nice to have just some time for yourself, watching your favorite anime and get caught into another world. I especially adores their school uniforms, and the japanese voices. In the times of me watching animes, I learnt a lot of “anime-japanese”. That much I could actually understand simple things japanese people in real life talked, or in movies (O’Ren Ishii, Kill Bill).

The time I stopped watching animes I just can’t remember. Just, like from now to then, I hadn’t got the time to watch any animes anymore. Or just didn’t take the time to watch them. I had so much to do, I moved from my old town I lived for about 14 years to a whole new place. I was busy, and I found new interesting things to do that I forgot about my old passion. In the past I used to say: “Oh I love animes! I will ALWAYS watch animes!” and now it isn’t true anymore. I don’t regret the time I spend with it, it was worth! And sometimes, even now, if I get nostalgic, I love to browse through my downloaded-in-ancient-time-with-youtube-downloader-animes, watch and laugh happily about them (:

Just to remember: Here’s a list of the animes I watched. Those are not all, because I forgot to enter them, but the most.

My ever and going on favorite animes are:
– Kuroshitsuji
– Pandora Hearts

– Rozen Maiden

– Highschool Of The Dead

– Black★Rock Shooter

(in non-order)