Dubstep¦DnB¦Trap – Tracklist

I think I haven’t posted any posts about music and tracks lately. So here are my current tracklists with some great artists.

Dubstep love Drum and Bass


Trap etc. Tracklist

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Love the music. Enjoy! d^___^b



Vienna – City of Life

First impression: big city, bright lights, subway networking: ✓✓✓
Time and outside lightning: ~10pm., dark

Skrillex: @Gasometer, Vienna
people. crowd. overfilled. sweat. hot. bodies. bashing. clashing. together. t-shirts. wet. bass. drops. music. rhythm. energy. dancing. filling lungs with hot stuffy air. hopping. jumping to the beats. tops, almost ripped off. shoes, sticking on the floor with spilled drinks. tequila. hard breathing. sweating bodies. amazed people. extreme bass. lights. show. skrillex. ♥

It was a very nice trip with my friend Doctor Desmond. I met lots of nice people and amazing locations. The food was just a dream *_*

A funny incident was, as we stood in line for the jackets at the cloakroom, I heard someone behind me said: “I don’t like human beings.” And as I recognized the quoting line (it’s from a horror-movie called The Human Centipede), I said briefly: “The Human Centipede.” The guy behind me was like “:O She knows The Human Centipede!” That was funny. (:

Here’s a little gallery from our funny trip:

Revival of Sound

Music’s the odyssey
It’s here for you, for me
Just listen, find the magic key
Music’s the odyssey
It’s here for you, for me
Just listen like your life be free
One-T ft. Cool-T – The Magic Key

Now it’s time to dance
The discotheque is far, but I can hear the rhythm
So now I stop my car
I’m going to the bar
And finally start
Dancing all around
Please, take my hands
And bring me to the moon
we’re flying together
You make me feel so fine
and now I’m gonna tell you
you are the only one
I want you tonight
It’s the power of pleasure
the power of dance
to the disco
on the dancefloor
so welcome to my life
if you wanna move
this is time to make a party
It’s the power of pleasure
the feeling i need
To the disco
on the dancefloor
So welcome to my life
if you wanna move
this is time to make a party.
DJ Carpi – The Power of Pleasure

As everybodys knows, when you’re down – listen to music. When you’re high and smiling from happiness, listen to music and it increases. Music is the one that is connecting you memories around it, hear a song and remember a special scene again. you first christmas, your birthday, special friends event, snuggling with your boy-/girlfriend, having fun, bitter and sad times – you’ll remember. you heart, mind, ears connects different tones and songs to different happenings. so keep listening, keep memorizing your life (:

Why dubstep equals eargasms


Remark: Dubstep and Drum and Bass

When you hear it, first thing is mostly very calm, a neat, light symphony of chimes, combined to the music of the spheres. Very chill, inspiring. Then, just as you let yourself falling into the pretended embracement of tones, the drop punches right in your mind. A heavy artillery of basses will make your heartbeat accelerate, like you ran a thousand miles. The bass pulses through your veins, a new heart, a new rhythm is given. ENERGY. You close your eyes, let it take over your body. The roar of the sound, like a black tiger has caught you in a trap of bass. It’s a catalyzer for a mind-blowing eargasm.

Suddenly, you hear the music fades off. Your trip is gone, another track starts.

Music ♫

the thing that keeps the energy alive. listening to music is like giving your soul a good massage, it warms up and as said loads up your life energy. tired in the mornings? unmotivated going to school? just listen to your favorite music, you’ll be more enthusiastic and wide awake then ever.

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Grateful to any new day

what is it that makes us happy? people tend to say money, tangable assets and jobwise highlights. but neither its money, nor tangable assets nor jobwise highlights, its to get what we want and want what we get. what life gets us, thats important. don’t look back your day, thinking why didn’t this happen? but look back and think: thanks, life, this happened. be grateful, every single day even its not the way you want it to be. its the things that happened in past, that make us what we are now.

Opium Project – Hello Moskva (Dj Revyakin Next Touch Flo Remix)

~ i’m happy. so in love… maybe you recognized while reading the text. 😉
long no posting, i know, but i’m tryin’ to find the time to post something more regulary. sleep well world. ♥