Reading = dreaming

I got inspired by this post, therefore let me pick up an important topic: reading ♥

“We read to know we are not alone.”

– C. S. Lewis

Reading is like dreaming with open eyes. A world without books is like a house without windows. Reading is like watching a movie in your head, with the perfect cast, people who play our favorite characters just like we love them to be and look just like we imagine them to look. Colors that are exactly like we expect them to be, a grass-green or light lime green that fulfills our desire for perfection. Every word an author writes has it’s own purpose, and every reader and savourer understands the purpose his/her own way. That’s what we call the power of the mind, the richest of all gifts: imagination.

Keep on reading, because it will not only enlighten your heart, it will open your mind to new ways of writing and usage of words, it will shut off reality easily with one page and only words.

When you sell someone a book, you don’t just sell them paper with ink on it, you sell them a dream. ♥

And if you’re worried carrying around that many books, I can entrust you to buy an eReader. I have the Kobo touch lilac, and I love it. Since I carry it in my bag, I take it out  very often when I’m on the move and enjoy my own world (:


Life’s a beach, i’m just playing in the sand

Life’s a beach, i’m just playing in the sand.

First I’d like to apologize to you for being lazy and not posting anything at all. I really should initiate a regular posting interval, like every two weeks on monday a post? How about that?

Now, the quote above:
Somehow I like this quote. I like how it makes fun of all people who complain all day like life’s a bitch, or that it fucks everyone. It’s not like I think life really is a biatch, in fact, it’s full of lovely things and good coincidences. I love how “…playing in the sand” describes all kinds of fun in life. Play. Enjoy. Laugh. Dream. Childhood. Virginity, indeed naivity. Playing in the sand like nothing could ever harm you, just you and your sand molds, warming sunlight that shone at your back. That was life back then ❤