Times flying by

A little girl, with her friends. in the daycare. Listening to scary songs from vampires and such, pillow fightes, pool parties in the garden, bury each other under a bunch of fluffy pillows and sheets and stuffed toys. Drawing together and tickling each other. Each day playing games was fun, each day started new.

Years passed, everyone grew up. Old friends, baby faces grown to gentlemen. She’s still the a little girl, but more sophisticated, trying to fit in. But one sight, everyone knows instantly – that’s her. Gone, but not forgotten, that’s the task. Feelings overwhelm her, everytime she meets someone she used to know. Also a flood of memories, and a warm feeling overcomes her. Love and happiness for this time, long long ago.


Love Story

Finally, the school bell rings. School’s out, let’s go home and enjoy this friday evening! He pushes the door, keeps it open for me and I open my umbrella. He huddles under it, takes it and I lean against him. My arm around his one. Laughing as we cross the street with our classmates, staying under the busstops roof. We talk together, stay in a circle as always. Suddenly he takes my hands, turns around. We’re just staying there, then holding my face, he softly runs his fingers across my cheeks. He closes his eyes and comes closer and closer. His lips are soft, I feel so free, like walking on air. Some seconds later, we’re just starring at each other, his eyes are shining.
He hugs me, “I love you”.
A smile flits over my face. I’m looking right into his eyes, his face in my hands. It’s so soft. He smells of smoke, cigarettssmoke. But it’s not the same smell as it is of other smokers, it’s not that bitter.
“I love you too”.

Written by my lovely Mariposa, it’s a guestpost for my blog. (:
I will be posting one to her blog too, feel free to check it, but it’s german.


Walking on contrails

She closes her hazy blue eyes, one light-footed step forward she tries to go on. footsteps in the air, the dancing wind plays with the seam of her light dress. footprints going round and round, stepping on clouds. leaving little ways happiness. she didn’t ever looked down. her head she held high, no one could possibly stop her, moving like a leaf – still floating.

Where the heart goes

This way, it told her quiet. She followed voiceless, knowing if she said one word, her mind would call her back. Trust. Giving up every reason she could find, she didn’t ever struggle one time. A long, tiring way it leaded her, and not once she looked back. A one way ticket to unkown land, there was it, right before her eyes. where does this road lead her? into a new utopia, promised land or in an deep abyss of despair?


she closes her eyes. long lashes sink on rosy cheeks, the wind blows gently, touching and stroking her face lightly. spreading her arms, she jumps into the nothing.

falling. everything rushes by, blurry contours watching her fall. she hears nothing, as if the air prevents that noise to teasr her out of the embrace of the sky. a sudden stop, she decreases on a perceived cotton ball like cloud. but as she looks down, the void.

The looking glass


in front of it she stands there. a graceful silhouette awaits her. like another person, but with the same dark hair, falling fluently down shoulders, an imperious glance from opaque black eyes, showing a strong will to do anything to get what she wants. an hard to resist aura, something dark, dangerous, passionate, twisted, still full of promises of never tasted flavours of life. a cold expression, telling you she’s untouchable. like a doll with a soul of pure darkness, she sees the other girl, smiling vaguely, like nobody would look. she’s fascinating.

slowly she reaches out, the tips of her fingers touch the cold mirror glass.

Daydreaming: Floating


Outside the world flew by in a crazy speed. Absent-minded she looked out of the large window, her only connection between movement and stagnation of the outside. The scenery floated by, the impression of neglected houses, construction zones, stations and pure nature dripped of her far off thoughts like rain drops of a leaf on a rainy summerday. Rays of sunshine tickled her nose and dazzled in her eyes. Slowly closing them, she skid away from the window, Still she didn’t find back to the presence, her mind digressed to fly, sky high thoughts she couldn’t control. Sometimes she wished, she could just spread her arms and fly away, like wings which guided her into the peaceful surroundings of heaven. Stepping on clouds, following small little birds, falling light like a dandelion seed into the embrace of the sky. That’s what she dreamed of, every single moment of feeling unobserved. Drift off to her own space, where wonderland seemed to be real. escaping from the gloomy, grey present. it wasn’t silly, just another reality.