Wow. I was so surprised how many page views my post Beautiful Autumn caused. Because my little blog isn’t anything big or very popular, it’s nice to see that it had 30+ views from you all. Thank you.

Heart in the sky

Shoot with my iPhone 4.

Because of that, I thought I ought to give my blog a more artistic touch, share more of my photographies and piano videos. If you have read the About this blog section, you probably found out that I love to play the piano and express myself with the art of photography.

I’d love to see that people enjoy my creativity and think about them.

Best regards,



Grateful to any new day

what is it that makes us happy? people tend to say money, tangable assets and jobwise highlights. but neither its money, nor tangable assets nor jobwise highlights, its to get what we want and want what we get. what life gets us, thats important. don’t look back your day, thinking why didn’t this happen? but look back and think: thanks, life, this happened. be grateful, every single day even its not the way you want it to be. its the things that happened in past, that make us what we are now.

Opium Project – Hello Moskva (Dj Revyakin Next Touch Flo Remix)

~ i’m happy. so in love… maybe you recognized while reading the text. 😉
long no posting, i know, but i’m tryin’ to find the time to post something more regulary. sleep well world. ♥